Dan Tarr

BHCJuniors Website

Brooklands Hockey Club junior section website, used to provide information to members of the juniors club.


A website that aims to help students manage and study from flashcards in a digital format.

Drawing Game

A small, unfinished, multiplayer drawing game for the browser.

FNBot Website

A Fortnite based website to allow people to customise the settings of the Twitter FNBot.

fnbr.co API wrapper

A simple wrapper for the fnbr.co API.


A Twitter Fortnite bot that will automatically post the item shop at 00:00 UTC.

Media Website

A simple webserver that allows me to upload media such as screenshots or screen recordings to share.


A ShareX uploader and image hosting website with a web dashboard

Suggestion Bot

A Discord bot that allows users to make suggestions and staff to reply and change the status of such suggestions.